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  • LEDFit


    Thorn’s lean, light and low-energy new LED floodlight.


    This brand new LED high bay luminaire comes packed with cutting-edge features, including wireless control.
  • Tonic Spot

    Tonic Spot

    Certified for use in Europe, North America and China, Thorn’s new Tonic range shows there’s no need to compromise on colour quality for retail and hospitality lighting.

Øvrige produkter

  • Indus Top

    Indus Top

    Effektiv T5-industriarmatur, IP23, med patentert hengslet installasjonsluke

  • SE


    Tradisjonell armatur for T8 med myke linjer og behagelig lysdistribusjon

  • D-CO LED Spotlight

    D-CO LED Spotlight

    En serie miniatyrspotter for effektbelysning

I fokus

City of Oslo, Norway

City of Oslo, Norway

Thorn refurbishes City of Oslo lighting with efficient LEDs and smart controls.