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    Ny katalog

    Last ned Thorns nyeste katalog.
  • Eliaden 29-31/5

    Eliaden 29-31/5

    Thorn deltar i år på Eliaden 29. til 31. Mai. Du finner oss på stand D03-05.


Nye produkter

  • Isaro Pro

    Isaro Pro

    This robust and high-performance LED street lantern brings comfort and safety to any road or street.
  • Flow


    Our most versatile outdoor solution yet, Flow integrates seamlessly into any urban setting, allowing designers to create a unified look.
  • Feroz


    Designed for the toughest transport and industrial applications, Feroz effortlessly withstands heat, dust, moisture, impact and more.

I fokus

City of Oslo, Norway

City of Oslo, Norway

Thorn refurbishes City of Oslo lighting with efficient LEDs and smart controls.