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Bygningsomgivelser og arkitektur

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Feb 13, 2024

Utforsk Thorn’s nye portefølje

thornlighting-architectural.com er for øyeblikket kun tilgjengelig på engelsk. En tysk og fransk versjon kommer snart.


The wait is finally over. Meet our new additions for urban and architectural applications - the building surround portfolio that’s got you covered. From facades and canopies, stairways, pathways and window reveals to bridges and monuments – our new range offers a comprehensive choice of luminaires to bring exteriors and surrounds to life. They provide definition and create identity, while keeping dark sky sensitivity in mind.

Why? Because light has the power to transform how we see buildings and everything around them. It also has the capacity to support orientation and wayfinding, add interest to the everyday and create impactful experiences.

So don’t hesitate. Scroll below to discover our latest solutions.


The new Axyl range, with a striking and distinctive square-edged visual identity, consists of: Etch, Geo, Gild, Glow, Greet (with wall-mounted and bollard variations), Opera, Stride, and Trim. Each with their own unique qualities, they can expertly light the building surround, creating the right effect for the right area. Axyl Etch, for example, features an optic specifically developed to provide optimum light distribution for impactful accent lighting of window reveal applications. Meanwhile, wall-mounted Axyl Stride, with its slimline design to create the effect of a recessed wall fitting, possesses excellent asymmetric light distribution and complete glare control, ensuring a dark sky sensitive and safe lighting installation as a result.

Discover Axyl:


Just like Axyl, the new Cesar range, with its sleek, stylish curved aesthetic, is made up of a variety of products. Amp (ceiling- and wall-mounted), Jazz, Opera (walk-over and drive-over), Stride, Stroll (bollard and pole) and Strut all solve a particular challenge when it comes to lighting building surrounds. Well-suited to car parks, pedestrian areas and gardens, Cesar Strut, for example, is a pole luminaire featuring omni-directional light distribution, which offers maximum interdistance between each luminaire position and a soft lit effect. Moving towards the building, projects can then benefit from the likes of Cesar Jazz. Thanks to high performance COB LEDs and multiple beam angles working in harmony together, Cesar Jazz allows you to be creative with light, generating impact and drawing interest to any building or space.

Explore Cesar:

PRODUCT | acdc heritage solutions

At the end of November, we announced the consolidation of the former acdc brand with Thorn Lighting. The result? A powerhouse portfolio of indoor and outdoor solutions. As well as the new additions mentioned above, if you’re familiar with acdc products, you might notice that a few of them have been given a new identity. 

Discover Mystrid Flex, Caelon, Eroa and Ora:

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