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Whether you are looking at a classroom or an office space, Punch brings total design flexibility to a project. It is available in two lengths, L1200 and L1500, to accommodate various surface sizes and lighting designs. Its classic linear louvre form made of highly reflective aluminium includes pre-installed power cord . With an efficacy of up to 128 lm/W, Punch is an excellent choice for a broad range of retrofit projects and applications.

Working with Punch is simple thanks to its installation versatility. Whether mounted directly on the ceiling or suspended at various heights, set-up is quick and effortless. Wall surface mounting (suspended variants only) is equally easy with the help of a bracket accessory. Multiple cable entry options and a preinstalled strain relief further simplify installation of the surface mounted variants. Additionally Punch can be ordered as a DALI dimmable luminaire.

Thanks to the special louvre optic, the light is directed to the task areas in an effective way and with perfect glare control. The direct light can be combined with indirect light to create a comfortable lit environment . Punch can also provide asymmetric distribution for wall washing effects, for example, for classroom blackboards.

Christoph Schwaiger Product Manager Office: “Punch brings back the classic louvre optic that many lighting designers love so much. It brings simplicity to a space and can really add comfort to the atmosphere with its direct/indirect light distribution. With 3 different mounting options Punch maximises flexibility and application.” 


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