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Ranging from super-compact spotlights to powerful floodlights, Contrast is a single, unified series, designed with a clear aim in mind: to empower users to reveal architecture and the urban environment at its very best.

The great all-rounder

In both form and function, Contrast is a great all-rounder. The series includes three sizes, with the largest providing light output of up to 16000lm. All are unmistakably Contrast. At the same time, the series’ performance ensures it is ready for the most challenging tasks. A wide variety of beams, colour temperatures and optical accessories makes Contrast highly versatile, and a range of mounting options including column mounting further increases its flexibility.

Distinctive – yet discreet

The new generation of Contrast echoes the design of powerful optical instruments. Its clean, modern design language has also been applied to all accessories, to maintain the elegant aesthetic. Louvres, visors, honeycomb and film diffusers all complement the look of the luminaire itself.

Contrast features a multichip LED combined with a single lens, for great colour mixing. Even with an integrated power supply, it remains highly compact. All versions of Contrast are available in a range of whites (2200K, 2700K, 3000K and 4000K), as well as RGBW and the new Balanced White solution. With Balanced White, colour temperature can be tuned from the warmest 2200K all the way to 4000K, to suit the needs of the time and place, and enhance the nighttime experience.

Control at your fingertips

Contrast helps users to create high-impact designs and displays. The whole series can be switched, dimmed and adjusted in colour using a variety of interfaces. Wireless functionality makes it easy to control and configure Contrast, and simplifies installation because no new cabling is required. The Contrast Balanced White solution, linked with DALI 2, adapts the light to the season or to the night-time environment, to match city lights, meet local needs, and respect the nocturnal ecosystem. Contrast RGBW luminaires provide unlimited versatility of colour, and dynamic and static light scenes can be programmed and controlled via Bluetooth® or DMX RDM. This makes it easy to transform the appearance of any structure at night with a splash of colour.

Possibilities unleashed

Delphine Jouault, Global Product Manager, Façades, Monuments and Bridges, said: “This new generation of Contrast represents a whole toolkit of options for revealing urban architecture at its very best. It looks fantastic, and the whole range has a consistent feel. Options like Balanced White, which lets you adjust colour temperature at different times, and RGBW, really unleash the possibilities of the new generation of Contrast.” 



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